Take Cover! Class time...

I just finished a two week Marathon of Classes. Grad school class, three of them, one a day, all day, for two full weeks. No elementary school. No little friends. No direct contact with CF. (clinical faculty/our classroom teacher/mentor).
I was in close quarters with 26 other soon-to-be-teachers.
Every day. All day. 9ish until 4ish.

We all survived, but not without scars.

I sincerely appreciate teachers with different styles, knowing to the core that there is something to learn from every and all. But get 27 interns in a room, all with developing but still rough designs of their future selves, it becomes more of a showdown. We all become lawyers. Who do we defend? Our CF's. We absorb styles and we regurgitate that information in the form of "Well, my teacher does this," and "Does your CF do this?"

We are very loud.
At some points, we forget there is a professor - who, in some cases, reacts as though they have been thrown into the firepit.
5 hours of discussion, heated discussion, arguments, recovery, shutting down, revamping...
and 2 hours of lecture/activity.

It's all learning.

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