When Grading Notebooks Pays Off

I found this picture and caption in a science notebook:

So, logically, I photocopied it and took it home to show the Mr.

He skipped right over that image and looked at this one, which I didn't even notice (I was distracted by the first image):

Both pictures happen to be exactly what I asked for - artistic interpretations of the tasks completed during a lesson that day. And all of it was legal. I swear.



One of the fabulous teachers from my school came in to visit today. She is not teaching this year, choosing to spend the year home with her darling new son. While she was visiting, some of her former students from last year were able to see her and say hello.

One of her former students is a fan of showing some skin, to put it lightly, and it's not always in the most appropriate way. (Elementary school, gasp!) Well, today, when she saw her former teacher, instead of rushing to her like everyone else was - she took a few steps in another direction, turned her back, and zipped up her outer layer.

She was then prepared to face her former teacher. But not before covering herself up.

Respect for herself, former teacher, or both?


What's Your Hobby

Today was the first day back after holiday break. I was glad to see the students, but oh-so-sad that they didn't bring their manners back with them. I spent most of the day reminding them about voice level and about the definition of respectful listening. What I really wanted to say was SHUT UP. That's harsh, I know, but it was like breaking in a pair of shoes that you've been wearing every day for 5 months. Annoying.

The day was not without perks though. A good report from Art (Thanks Snippety), and great stories about Intersession and break were wonderful.

We were walking down the hall to the library at some point in the day, and the students were chatty as ever in line. I reminded Glasses about our hallway voice, which he apologized for and quieted down for the moment. A little while later, I had to remind him again. I walked up to him in line and put my hand on his shoulder as a quiet reminder.

He looked up towards me (as he doesn't really make eye contact), and said:

"I'm sorry! Talking is my hobby."

What's yours?


A Spritz?

He said, "I am wearing perfume today, can you smell it?"

"Perfume?" I said, thinking he meant cologne.

Then, suddenly, I could smell it. It was definitely perfume. A lot of it. And no, he didn't have to even be in the room for me to smell him.

"You smell like a very large bouquet in a very small confined space," I said. "How nice."

And no, my eyes were not watering because I was sad. It was the human bouquet.

Growth Spurts

Could it be that I am ready to go back?

Today I had the first urge to actually do work. It took me 2.5 weeks to get there, but here I am. I am pondering my lessons for when my class convenes again. I am wondering, as I have been all break, how and what my students are doing. Did they have a good break? Did travel go well for those heading to other countries? And, alas, are they ready to change up math workshop when we get back?

I am sure they've been thinking about math workshop this entire time. And our language arts block. They have education on the brain. Or so I imagine. I also imagine that the first day back will be a breeze. Right? Right.

See you soon, my friends. I hope you didn't get to big while you were away. :)