I am Someone

Here it is. The easel. THE easel.

I consider myself MORE than lucky to be the recipient of such a gift from the school. While I really had no say in the matter - our amazing reading team insists on an easel in every room - I am grateful to one (unnamed)teacher who did not report her broken easel last year. Thus, I have been provided with this piece of magnificence.

Visits are free, but to grope and take a photograph with the subject will cost.


Real world

I read A Day's Work by Eve Bunting today with my students. Asked students what they thought was going to happen on the page when Ben found out they pulled up all the plants and left the weeds.

a. Police will come.

b. They will get arrested.

c. He will leave them there and not pay them anything or drive them home.

d. Police will come and shoot them.



What Writing Feels Like

I asked my students to show me what writing felt like to them. The responses were everything I hoped for, but nothing I expected.

"Writing is flexible. My brain feels loose."

"Writing makes my blood shake and I feel excited." (He's doing a Rain Dance)

"I feel like I'm in control and everything done in a certain

way creates something cool... like a cartwheel."