Home Humor

My husband just stood in front of me wearing this, and asked

"Is it okay if I wear this to work tomorrow?"

Note: Crocs. PJ pants. Wrinkly top with bling cufflinks.

(In all fairness, he was just asking about the top, minus the wrinkles).


Heart Sick

On Friday, I met with a parent of one of my students. This student is new to our school this year, and arrived about a month late. While the family didn't come from far away, if you're looking at a map, they have come a long way emotionally.

What I heard in this meeting has kept me awake all weekend. The weight of this student's shoulders is no match for most adults, although you would never know it. This student is such a happy, smiling, generally well-adjusted kid. The picture and the circumstances and the stories that this parent shared with me just broke my heart, and I realized that this was one of those moments that good teachers talk about... the moments in which you have to remain objective, professional, while still managing to "care" (read, "love").

I will spare most of the details, but instead tell you about the part that has been haunting my thoughts. Mom of student left the father - took her four children and moved out - due to spousal abuse. One day, during school, the father arrived unannounced to have lunch with my student (and perhaps his other children at the school).

It was during this lunch that the father told my student, a 10 year old, to run away from his Mother's new home. He told him what time to leave, where to go, and that he'd pick up his son at that time and location.

What a weight to bear on a 10 year old. I keep replaying what the father must have said, the demands he must have placed, and how the student must have been feeling. Torn, confused, angry, happy to see dad, wondering what was going to happen to the three sisters if... just if....

My demands on this student in the classroom seem so insignificant. Yet still necessary, I know.

This, for this student, is far from over. I could see from the mother where this student gets strength. But ... only 10 years old.

I am writing this in hopes that "talking" about it will let my mind filter out the parts of the story that I need to know, as his educator. Distancing it from my mind, and from me, personally. Here's to hoping.


Lysol Wipes, Anyone?

She had to go to the bathroom.

It was an emergency.

It is always an emergency, so I wave her the okay, and add "Take a friend." Pee with a buddy.

She should have just walked out the door with her friend, taken care of business, and returned.

Instead, she stalled in the place she made her request, staring at me still.

It's an emergency. There's more. She has a Rash. There's more. Down there. With every detail, I simply said "Go ahead, take a friend."

I guess she doesn't know that's the signal for "Please don't tell me anymore."


Picture Detectives

In Social Studies, I asked my students to become picture detectives today, and explore some images, looking for details and what those details tell us about that time, etc...

In one of the pics there is a small pipe (SMALL, with a lot of other details that they could have focused on). Here is a convo that I overheard:

Funky: I know what that is! It's a pipe!

Innocent: What's a pipe?

Funky: (without missing a beat) It's what they smoke pot with.



A little while back, Snippety Gibbet tagged me to reveal 5 things about myself.... so here we go.

1. I was practically born with a softball glove on my hand. I remember standing in the outfield while my aunts practiced with their teams (when I was barely walking), and I spent much of my cradle-life in the concession stand, while my grandparents watched their children and ran the stand. I was even nationally competitive for most of my "career."

2. I was in a sorority at one of the 2 universities I attended. They roomed me with the VP of Academics because I was such a bad student. They thought that way, I'd have to study. I showed them. If you know me now, you would never have guessed. I turned it around, to say the least.

3. I am the only child for my father, but I have three siblings on my mother's side. Two brothers, one of them 23, the other 10 - and one sister (25) who's in Pharmaceutical school in Florida.

4. I eat potatoes raw. My husband thinks this is disgusting. (He corrects me by saying "Weird, not disgusting!" but his look tells it all).

5. I am bringing back the word "rad." Embrace it.


October Break

Oh, intersession break, how I love thee. I had a nice break, and managed to take a few shots along the way...

Book Club Weekend at the lake - wine, cheese, fresh popcorn, candlelight... on the beautiful deck!

Trip to Smithsonian - GREAT Ocean exhibit!

A trip to the incredible butterfly exhibit... they were flying everywhere around me - and one even landed on my arm for a moment. This was by far the highlight of the Smithsonian tour.

I have a few other images I will add later... I didn't want to forget to say THANK YOU INTERSESSION!

Quick Response

I was standing outside at recess today with a coteacher, and all of the sudden a squirrel darts across the middle of the playground. I state that the squirrel just saw its life flash before its eyes (b/c there are about 80 kids on the playground, running and darting about).

My coteacher responds "He better keep running... I have some students who might want to skin it and eat it."

Here's to a healthy lunch.


Ducks in a Row

I am loving year round school. I can't imagine my year of teaching without this break. We've been in school since the end of July, and we are now off for two weeks. One day, I will teach intersession - but not right now. I need the time.

I have big plans for over the break. I am going to breathe. I am going to cook. I am going to go have lunch with my husband, my dad, my family... I am going to read. But the thing I am most looking forward too (don't laugh) - is planning. I have this significant chunk of time in which to lay out and take another look at the rest of the year. I am relaxed at the thought that I will go back in 2 weeks revived, and ready to conquer the next quarter with my students.

Highlight of the day: As I was greeting my students at the door this morning, they each handed me a birthday card (when we normally shake hands). Each and every one of them had made these amazing masterpieces on their own time. Hugs all around.

Some snapshots of what they wrote:
"I love you like a Mom."
"Wow! 30!"
"Happy Birthday for being 30. My mom is 30 too."
"Are you 36 or 37?"
"You silly girl."
Not to mention the two students who decided that it was completely okay to call me by my first name when addressed in my birthday card.

These will be hung at my birthday party. I can't wait to show them off.

Off to get my ducks in a row... .