Pain in the Neck

Yesterday I woke up with this really awful pain between my shoulders and into my neck. I found it difficult to turn my head completely to either side, and even to lower my head down towards my chest.

Well, call the medic. I just looked it up on webMD, the medical site that the devil himself has set up in order to panic innocent, sick but well enough to search online instead of go to the doctor, types of people. Have a sniffle? It's a mass in your nostril. Have a stomach ache? It's Mad Cow disease. Have a headache and cough? By golly, the Plague is making a comeback.

The fine art of procrastination has led me to this site, in which I enter my symptom:
pain in the neck.
Then I click "search."

What comes up? A video (I dig videos), so I watch. (I am really good at procrastination).
Well, the video has one heck of a hook... I'm convinced it was made just for my eyes. It began with this woman with brown hair (me too!) who looked right at me and told me she was a teacher (ME TOO!) who had shoulder/neck pain (ME TOO!). Turns out this poor woman's neck pain turned into a numb arm (suddenly my arm is tingling... how strange), and a huge hemorrhage into her spinal column (is that blood I feel flowing into my spine?).

*disclaimer: I do not intend to make light of any medical condition that warrants a video on webMD, especially videos featuring a brown-haired teacher with neck pain.

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Snippety Gibbet said...

I think that it must be residual pain from listening to bad music and drinking bad libations in drafty garage-like venues. jan