Classroom at Night

This moment, as I look up at the moon, I wish to be in the classroom. I wish for bundled up students excitedly rushing towards the door, and they burst outside. Looking to the sky, circling around until, alas, they see it. They shout high-pitched "Look at that" and point towards the sky as if we're not already looking in the same direction.

The discussion about colors, position, planets and earth and the moon and sun... the desire to investigate the reasons for such natural beauty. The questions and the brains rolling through cycles of stored knowledge...searching and searching through their own personal databases... then searching and searching through resources to feed the need to know.

The Moon has Koolaid Lips.

* I am still without my precious camera (which is so sad). So I patiently await my artistic genius of a friend to post the lunar eclipse pictures. At that time I will add an image.

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