Opportunity Assistance

I have been given the opportunity to attend seminars this weekend at a university not-too-far-away. I am assigned to a mentor group with preservice teachers from four other Virginia institutions. Together we will meet, greet, eat, and learn.

I just received an email from my assigned mentor, with an attached list of available seminars. I am torn as to which workshops I should sign up for. I think this is where my more experienced readers may lend a hand, and help me by suggesting what might be the most beneficial topic (keep in mind I will be a first year teacher!!)

List of available workshops.


Jenny said...

I have to preface my advice with the fact that I always seem to pick the worst sessions at conferences. So, you may want to do the exact opposite of my thoughts!

I will also say that I wrote off some of the sessions for two reasons; either I couldn't figure out what on earth they were about from the title, or I figured it was something you are already really good at.

All of that said, I'm intrigued by the web 2.0 session. But it could go either way, be fantastic or awful. Recognize Students’ Strengths Developed in the Past: Prepare for Future Learning sounds interesting to me. Parent Power also caught my attention.

Good luck choosing and I hope the seminars are fantastic.

Snippety Gibbet said...

I vote for these:
Poverty...if it is at all like the Ruby Payne observations on the topic, I would expect it to be invaluable.
Web 2.0....I'd expect all who post here to favor that one.
Parental Involvement....Might be interesting to see what they have to offer beyond the tried and sometimes true.
Educating Peter (because I cannot pass by either of the "Peter" specials on HBO. I sit through those entire documentaries EVERY time I see them on tv.)