Fire on the Page

Today in grad class, one of my classmates shared a story about a lesson in her first grade classroom. The students were creating a shape quilt. Each student made a square, and each square contains a family story. The students were directed to use shapes to illustrate their square/family story.

When the intern walked over to a particular student to ask about the shape story, this is what she heard in response:

"This is a picture of my mom, dad, and my dog. This is our house, well once we had to take our dog out to the back of the house because it died, so we started it on fire, we BURNED it, we scraped up the ashes , put it in a vase and then put it on our fireplace.

Here is a circle for my mommy's head, triangles for the fire, and the vase is a triangle too."

Chalk this up to things you're not prepared to hear in a classroom.

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