Jumping Rope

Ah, the chants overheard while young students jump rope.. they do bring back the memories....

We used to sing one on the playground about Cinderella and some fella and a snake. The more doctors, the better.

Today, however, I heard a new one. It may take you singing it aloud to really focus on the part in which I was all "Huh?"

"Strawberry Shortcake,
With cherries on top.
How many girlfriends
Do you got?"

1. What they CAN do: rhyming words

2. Since when does STRAWBERRY shortcake have cherries?

3. I'll leave number three up for you to sing out. Who came up with this one? Little Johnny, this is one I WILL believe you made up.

1 comment:

organized chaos said...

yeah, this was a new one to me when i came to our school, but i have heard it the last 4 years... i'm impressed you heard rhyming words. normally i hear 'whose your boyfriend, let's find out! A, B, C..."

I always tried to be really loud and find better chants (like, hey, let's count by 3s! wont that be fun! 3, 6, 9...) but alas, if you're not quick there is always some little girl ready to shout about boyfriends. sometimes i just yelled 'BEST FRIEND' when they got to that point...