Without a room

I have this long list of things "to-do." I have gone from being classroom focused in creating lesson plans and SMARTBoard lessons and collecting resources to crazy LONG papers for grad school and reflecting. I had the best of intentions over the weekend - but I was enjoying the glimpse into my former life so much that I got NOTHING done.

Since the completion of my IT (Independent Teaching) on Friday, I have done.... I have done... I have done nothing on my list. I have enjoyed a skeleton of my former life. I saw friends. And yes - they are still my friends after my long absence. I went to the market. Mr. M and I went bike riding and out to lunch and dinner and played games.

So, here I am, Monday morning. I have been lucky enough to NOT be chosen to sub today. So I am sitting in the library of my school... typing away... getting that list done. So, if you see me and I'm frantically typing - it means I am either being productive or I am blogging to provide you with some reading enjoyment. (and that list of "Things to blog about" has grown over the last 4 weeks!!) I will do my best to get it all down. Distraction for you and for me...

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