Catching up

Last night there was an "End of Year" Celebration with my grad school cohort. While there are 5 interns at my assigned elem. school, there are about 26 total interns in my program. Some of those interns got together last night at an undisclosed location.

Sangria and bbq were a huge hit - and a few of us brought out the spouses for some added entertainment - not that this group of people needs it.

My ending thought: These people, the cohort members I have been seeing on a regular basis, spending many hours with, the ones that are spreading out across the nation after school lets out in 2 weeks.... they're nuts. Seriously, my ending thought has nothing to do with their personalities. After last night, I was just so thankful of my placement. I LOVE the school where I spent the last year. I love the atmosphere, support, and professional opportunities and drive. There are other schools that had issues with interns, students, parents, and teachers, and the friction between all of the above. So much so that, last night, there was a small posse on the front porch "working it out" when I arrived.

So, thank you to those that facilitated this relationship and the opportunities that resulted from it.

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