For the second day in a row, I was sent to an afternoon sub job - only to find that 1. it was the wrong day or 2. there was someone already covering. So, instead, I went off to help with the Kindgarten dismissal. I am fairly new at this dismissal depot, so I was only in charge of two minifriends.

I sent my two friends happily skipping off with their parents and then went outside to the car pick up area. It was there that I was playing "Miss Mary Mack" with a few kids. When all worn out, I asked one of my friends: "What does you car look like?"

He sang back to me: ".... it looks like a hotdog, and smells like one too!"

I was half expecting the weinermobile to roll up. I got a minivan, and a good laugh.

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Pound said...

i love it! it looks like a hot dog and smells like one too -- how to you keep a straight face??