Man Down

You join me on long journeys, tucked neatly inside of your case.
Until that moment in which there's a turn in scenery
or a moment in my life
that must be saved.
You join me in short trips, strapped to my shoulder,
gently swinging between clicks.
Your new job helps me to remember the important, document the arts, freezeframe the crafts, and reflect on the learning... as well as the learners.
Your pictures have been to China, even when you have not.
Life is creeping past my window,
seeping through the cracks of wood...
hesitantly approaching the windows of my mind.
Unable to capture, unable to halt life... I am lost without you by my side.
Hurry back.

1 comment:

Tree said...

Is the camera missing? Did it go on a trip? Or just at the camera doctor's?