Arrivals and Departures

The first day of classes is quickly approaching.

As in tomorrow.

Integrating Fine Arts. There is a website, a blog, pictures, chapters to read...
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The blog discussion is currently how early we will have to arrive on campus in order to not only find a parking space, but to actually park, walk, and arrive to class on time. Should we start at 9? Should we move it up to 8:30? My alarm clock clicks backwards in time as the debate continues.

And for those of you that are not familiar with my grad school parking issues... there is usually a wait/stalk/hover time of about 45 minutes to an hour. To even park! To get off of campus at 4:20 is another, and usually much longer story.

THIS is why we need textbooks on audio.

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Silly Corn said...

I totally agree! But you knew that already...