The Find

Lucky for me, I still have a whole 2 weeks before my grad classes begin again. Unfortunately, I already have a few reading assignments to keep me busy.

In order to get a nice jump on the reading, I had to pay a trip to the University Bookstore.

Normally, when beginning a trip to the bookstore, I must plan a few hours for incidentals. Just in case scenarios in which the floor sucks me in, and I surround myself with potential additions to my personal bookshelf. As it turns out, the University Bookstore is no different.

There I was, focused on searching... E... ED...EDC...EDCI - there they are!!! I quickly stacked my new additions, skimming the pages without really focusing on the contents. After all, there will be plenty of time for this when I get home.

Then comes the true excitement... the time when my eyes wander to the surrounding course books... slowly peering through the covers, grazing the pages of the workbooks, and eyeing the content of books that are NOT assigned for me to read.

Then I see it. A book that is practically jumping off of the shelf at me. Shiny, smooth, sparkling... I carefully pluck it off the shelf, looking around me as I do... I flip through the pages, the content confirming my suspicions - that I MUST OWN this book! I MUST mark it with my ideas with pencil, pen, and highlighter.

I hear the words of many professors of the past:
"I know I ordered enough for the whole class! It's odd that they ran out for you who have registered for this class!!"

I add the book to my stack.

I own that book.

And I apologize to the student who must wait for the bookstore to reorder.

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organized chaos said...

Yes! I am guilty of the same crime. I love buying my new books for the semester, and admit I too enjoy wandering the stacks. I figure so many people order from amazon that the bookstore is bound to have a few left over, right?
(i actually had been composing this post in my head as i bought books monday night!)