Intersession, Take 2

Today was the first day back from Wintersession. Hooray for being back to the regular classroom, but boo for the wonderful days of Wintersession being over.

On this first day back, we (meaning the Interns) were approached about the Spring Intersession (Last 2 weeks in March).

What grade level?

Language Arts or Math?

Ack! I don't know. I just hung my coat in my new classroom... and I have to make all of these executive decisions?

I'm partially joking, of course. I knew it was coming, those questions about what my intentions are for the spring intersession. Just how soon they came is shocking. I'm ready. I'm willing, and I'm able.

I have an idea... that I bounced off of many people to be sure it wasn't too "out there."
Now here's to the potential pre-planning that may happen!

My answer: Language Arts, 4-5 grade.

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