Today Please Now

As I was getting ready for I Heart Writing day, I was checking out some of the student writing on the computers.  I have a few students who have access to the computers on a regular basis as part of their learning plan.  In my exploring, I found this gem: 

I suppose she's having a hard time with her brother?

Other students us an AlphaSmart in writing workshop.  At the end, if they have something to be printed, they simply put a post-it on the AlphaSmart and leave it next to the printer for me to take care of after school.  (Only b/c there are currently many students trying to publish on the computers, otherwise they'd plug it right in and print!)  Well, I went back to print a few pieces of writing, and sure enough - there was a "print me!" post-it on an AlphaSmart:

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Oh. My. Gosh. "Hunt my brother down." I am dying here. Hahahahaha!!!