Mr. bought me this for V-day, and I have had it attached to me ever since.  It holds one hour of video, and plugs right into the computer.  It has one button record, only 3 simple functions, and is easy enough for students to use independently.  So far I have used it to record students researching, producing, and presenting material in the classroom.  Tomorrow I am going to spend some time editing, but the recording and capture were easy!


Jenny said...

I picked up the 30 minute one when it was discounted on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. It stays in the pocket of my lab coat at all times so that I can record at the drop of a hat. I love it!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Your man is just the best Valentine I have ever heard of. A Macbook AND a little video camera. That man must be in love.

kirsten said...

I just saw your name in a comment on Jen's blog and came over to check out your blog as well.

Thank you for mentioning this -- I've been thinking all year about wishing to record some of the great conversations my students are having -- as well as letting them use it to work on their reading and other things.

It looks great!