When Grading Notebooks Pays Off

I found this picture and caption in a science notebook:

So, logically, I photocopied it and took it home to show the Mr.

He skipped right over that image and looked at this one, which I didn't even notice (I was distracted by the first image):

Both pictures happen to be exactly what I asked for - artistic interpretations of the tasks completed during a lesson that day. And all of it was legal. I swear.


The Science Goddess said...

Is that you with the um, "balloon," in the second picture?

Unlimited said...

Mr.'s comment is "What is the stick figure smoking?" I didn't even notice!

It is actually a picture of the student blowing paper (we were talking about low/high air pressure). Came out awfully funny, though!

Snippety Gibbet said...

And as their art teacher, let me say how proud I am.

(....running and hiding here.........)

SiR said...

4th grade was so epicly odd

i'm glad things haven't changed in the odd-ness

what did the private part have to do with the baloon caption tho?

Unlimited said...

The "part" was actually a student drawing of a 2 liter soda bottle... and the balloon was on the top to show air pressure when placed in containers containing water of different temperatures. Hot, the balloon would blow up - cold, and, well, the balloon "became weak."

SiR said...

makes sense then
i apologize for my confusion