What's Your Hobby

Today was the first day back after holiday break. I was glad to see the students, but oh-so-sad that they didn't bring their manners back with them. I spent most of the day reminding them about voice level and about the definition of respectful listening. What I really wanted to say was SHUT UP. That's harsh, I know, but it was like breaking in a pair of shoes that you've been wearing every day for 5 months. Annoying.

The day was not without perks though. A good report from Art (Thanks Snippety), and great stories about Intersession and break were wonderful.

We were walking down the hall to the library at some point in the day, and the students were chatty as ever in line. I reminded Glasses about our hallway voice, which he apologized for and quieted down for the moment. A little while later, I had to remind him again. I walked up to him in line and put my hand on his shoulder as a quiet reminder.

He looked up towards me (as he doesn't really make eye contact), and said:

"I'm sorry! Talking is my hobby."

What's yours?

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