Breakfast of Champions

This week has been all over the place. Highs, lows, student tears, giggles, hair pulling... I think I have a new face crease that is becoming permanent. I guess Gramma was right - if you make that face it will stick that way.


Cute1: (whispering) "Mrs. M, my stomach hurts."

Me: (recoiling a bit as I remember that her table mate just got back from being out a week with the stomach flu) "Are you going to be sick?"

Cute1: (whispering) "No."

Me: "Do you have to use the bathroom?" (I'm holding my breath as I am waiting for her to say something along the lines of "I can't... the bacteria! Geez, I thought we covered this."

Cute1: (whispering) "No."

Me: "Do you need to go see the nurse?"

Cute1: (whispering) "No."

Me: (WTF am I supposed to say now? She has no idea what's wrong with her, or atleast how to articulate it) "How can I help you?"

Cute1: (whispering) "My stomach hurts because I'm hungry."

Me: (mental note: time is 8:20, 2 hours and 50 minutes until lunch). "Did you eat breakfast today?"

Cute1: (whispering) "No."

Me: Thinking to myself: What do I have in my lunch that a 2nd grader would eat?
Shoot forward a day, after a discussion of waking up earlier, eating breakfast, describing granola bars and the glory of eating them on the bus. "Tell your parents to get something like this!" was exclaimed and swish swish, hands clean. All has been done.

The next morning: A VERY excited/proud/misguided student approaches the class... flashing a corner of something out of her pocket. Something that can only be seen as half eaten, brown, and in a wrapper. Great! She was able to not only describe the granola bar concept to her parents, but they went out and bought some based on teacher-advising.

Then, the student shares with the second teacher... who was able to get a more detailed view of the bright yellow wrapper, the chocolate coated toffee-like substance... a Butterfinger.
We could only imagine what the parents were thinking as the young cute1 described the prescribed breakfast of her teacher.

Needless to say, a granola bar was retrieved and placed in her backpack to show her parents... Now THAT'S an authentic example.

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