Intersession Day 2

Today my co-teacher and I were bankers. The Bank of M & P. Our initials, or, as we told the students, The Bank of Money and Power. Fourth and fifth graders approached us with handwritten proposals. Proposals that told us, the bankers, how much money they need to create their dream rooms - with a bunch of other details. A few quotes:

"I really need this money. Please."

"I'm creating this dream room because I need more space."

"My room is so I can have some relaxation time."

"How much is a pearl floor?"

We are finding out so much about our students - about their home life and living situations. In some cases sharing rooms with siblings and parents. One student is creating a dream living room. She had a television on her floor plan - when the bank asked her how much money she was planning to spend on the television she answered "I'm just going to use the one I have now to save money." (You know, the imaginary money the fake bank is giving). I only hope I was half this appreciative of my belongings at her age.

We read the proposals, squeezed out more information about their room plans, decided on a fair amount of money, and wrote pretend checks. The held those checks with their big smiles and huge eyes like they had won the lottery. We couldn't pass up the photo op - and snapped a bunch of them with their Dream Room Funding.

Stay tuned. Miss Color is coming tomorrow. I hear she has a rainbow feather boa. Good thing it's observation day.

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