One of my grad school classes is Integrating Technology in a Diverse Classroom (something along those lines). One of the topics not addressed in class is the SMARTBoard - which happens to be (in my opinion) a HUGE tool in the classroom - especially at my school. In the past year I have attended a few information sessions about them, and have been fortunate enough to have such easy access to be able to have PLENTY of exploration time. So, to address this with whoever was willing - I volunteered to set up a mini-smartboard workshop for interns at my grad school. From talking to my cohort, I realized many of them were not getting the same hands-on experience as I was, so I wanted to share my resources.

Well, as I explore and "play around" with the technology, I often misinterpret a function... or it takes me a few minutes to truly figure something out about a program. Luckily, I am normally alone during this exploration time.

Today, before my workshop, I updated the smartboard program on my computer. With the update I noticed a function I had never used before. Unfortunately for me, I was not alone in my first contact with this function. The result is a good story for you, and an ab workout for us.

You can find the story here.

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Blink said...

I love the title. I'm a California girl and miss hearing "boarding" and what it conjures, at the end of a few words. Okay, so "smart" is a stretch for any activity on street or wave, but I enjoyed the wordplay connection, (and the post) anyway.