Are You Married?

I am posting this "for" a coteacher who is a non-blogger. This is just too good to not share.

My male coteacher, who I will call Mr. J, is often sharing the funniest stories with us. The other afternoon, he had a doozie. Let me see if I can do this story some justice...

A student walked up to Mr. J and plainly asked him if he was married. Simple enough, and not a totally off the wall question... students want to get to know us personally. Mr. J happens to be of the non-married variety, so he answered with a simple "No."

It became clear that the student was not quite finished with his line of questioning, as he did not waiver in his stance. Without hesitating, he followed Mr. J's response up with

(Hold onto your britches..)

"Oh, then you must be a virgin."

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Snippety Gibbet said...! I didn't see that one coming.