Ducks in a Row

I am loving year round school. I can't imagine my year of teaching without this break. We've been in school since the end of July, and we are now off for two weeks. One day, I will teach intersession - but not right now. I need the time.

I have big plans for over the break. I am going to breathe. I am going to cook. I am going to go have lunch with my husband, my dad, my family... I am going to read. But the thing I am most looking forward too (don't laugh) - is planning. I have this significant chunk of time in which to lay out and take another look at the rest of the year. I am relaxed at the thought that I will go back in 2 weeks revived, and ready to conquer the next quarter with my students.

Highlight of the day: As I was greeting my students at the door this morning, they each handed me a birthday card (when we normally shake hands). Each and every one of them had made these amazing masterpieces on their own time. Hugs all around.

Some snapshots of what they wrote:
"I love you like a Mom."
"Wow! 30!"
"Happy Birthday for being 30. My mom is 30 too."
"Are you 36 or 37?"
"You silly girl."
Not to mention the two students who decided that it was completely okay to call me by my first name when addressed in my birthday card.

These will be hung at my birthday party. I can't wait to show them off.

Off to get my ducks in a row... .

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