Blank Slate

Quite literallly.  The following pictures are from my brand-spanking new classroom.  The current downfalls are:  no power.  no occupancy permit.  no bookshelves.  
I'm excited about the possibilities.  I'm nervous about the lack of storage.  I'm a little frightened that not all my boxes will make it out there.  And I'm curious to see how the tornado drills go, seeing as how my door backs up to an open field - and the furthest point from the main building.  This is going to be an adventure. 

An image taken from the outside corner towards the middle of the building.  This is my co-workers room, as mine was filled with building supplies.  My room is through that door on the right.
A view from the entrance.
I call that parking spot right in the front.  My room is on the back left corner, not visible in this pic. 


Jenny said...

I'm planning to get rid of a bookshelf or two. I'll hold them for you, just in case.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Interesting. That room looks HUGE but I guess that's from just being empty. Are there bathrooms out there?