Insults According to Nine Year Olds

Today I had to have a discussion with two of my students about the ways in which we treat friends.  Lately, I have had to break up verbal arguments between these two specific students, even though they say they are good friends. 

Last week, I caught them in the middle of a "Your mama" war of wit.  I immediately cut that line of discussion... but then I kept overhearing one or the other make completely rude comments such as "You are stupid," or "You are bad at checkers."  These are things I can "handle" (if by "handle" I mean chuckling under my breath right before I address them in my super-teacher voice. 

Then there was today.  I overhead another "stupid" comment - which, in my professional world, is referred to as "The S-word." 

When I took one of them in the hall, he was quick to note the names that were being spit back and forth between the two.  

"Jenny 20"  (a nod to a fat joke that involves the end of the Jenny Craig phone number)

"White primate"   (fourth grade racism. sigh)

"Fat" (how unoriginal, right? yawn.)

And my personal favorite:  "Bisexual dinosaur."   

My response to the last one: "Dinosaur? Now that's absurd. You're 9."

I'm awesome.


organized chaos said...

so impressed by your reaction to your kiddos' comments. makes me wish i could hang out in 4th grade.

bisexual dinosaur? wow. so impressed you kept a straight face.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

hahaha...I feel like I would have dealt with that the same way. I'm always like, "guys...give me a break!" I said the other day, "Geez, they used to say that when I was a kid...". In fact, we started talking about come-backs the other day (i know, i'm horrible), and that if someone used an old joke you could go back with some comment like, 'your joke is older then my grandma!'

oh gosh...! ha

Snippety Gibbet said...

...........bisexual dinosaur. That's one to I'll share for sure. Original.