I am Someone

Here it is. The easel. THE easel.

I consider myself MORE than lucky to be the recipient of such a gift from the school. While I really had no say in the matter - our amazing reading team insists on an easel in every room - I am grateful to one (unnamed)teacher who did not report her broken easel last year. Thus, I have been provided with this piece of magnificence.

Visits are free, but to grope and take a photograph with the subject will cost.


Jenny said...

Damn girl. I don't think I can come visit it. My own easel will seem so completely pathetic in comparison.

Unknown said...

Very nice! This is the easel that I always recommend. I also always recommend a kinder rug with rectangles so they stay in their spots for their lessons.

The Science Goddess said...

Pssst...I identified you as being a kickass blogger. Easel and all. :)