Podcasting and Air Quotes

The introduction of blogging into my life was swift and steady. I had been ready to blog for a long while, and even started one a while back.... but that just fell off my radar.

Jump ahead a few years, months, weeks, whatever. Thanks, Tree, for bringing me back to life.
Pause to celebrate my blog revival with a quick internal party. (Insert pause here).

As I reinstate my blogging, I have also embraced technology as a whole. Blackboard to blogging to podcasting, I clicked on one link to the next on my quest to understand the infinite possibilities of what the future could hold for my, or anyone's, classroom.

Right about this time a new guest arrived in our classroom - a guest to discuss and create a PODCAST!

Talk about perfect timing!
I morning-messaged it, I put it into lessons, I had students listen to a podcast made by another 4th grade class. I threw it out there like it was my job. Which, really, it is.

So we welcomed our guest - and we listened to him talk enthusiastically about the world of podcasting. We listened when he said we should keep our bodies still. We raised our hands when he asked for responses. And we sat stiffly as he approached with his super-scary ipod + microphone - and held it 2 inches from our mouths as we sputtered our thoughts.

Students, armed with the task of not stating names when they were being recorded, immediately adopted the word "friends" to describe classmates. A slip of the tongue, the release of a name, was followed by a slow hisssssss by nearby "friends."

I can't remember what he said; one of the friends. I do remember him using the term friends in his podcast response.

But he had a special touch.

Appropriately used air quotes.

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