Getting it off of the post-it and onto a page...

I have a cousin in first grade.
2 Vision tests + fitting for 2 new pairs of glasses = 4 eyes.
He called me today to tell me. I wear glasses.

4 eyes told me that now he will be able to read big books and use a highlighter.
(Which he sees me do often, with my glasses on).

I said "What big book are you going to read first with your new glasses?"

He says "It depends."

Me, stumped about his direction: "Depends on what?"

His reply: "What color highlighter can I borrow?"


Student: "What do you call it when you times something by five?"

Intern (me): "Um," (thinking of appropriate modeling of response)
"Could you please ask your question using different words?"
(Phew, that sounded okay).

Student: "Yes." (How official).
"When you times something by two, it is called 'doubling', times three is 'tripling', things like that. What do you call it when you times it by five?"

Awkward silence.

Student: "Would I call it pentupling?"

Me - amazed at his strategy in creating a new word:
"Way to use your prefixes! Who can we ask?"

Sidenote: Student wrote a note to our math specialist about this prediction, we are awaiting response.

Sidenote 2: Great thing number 1,487 that I learned from my CF: If you don't know, have them write a letter to an "expert." Even if you do know, confirmation is good!
I am empowered with each toss of a post-it into the trash can.

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