Trying to Break It Up

I arrived at the hotel, bag full with hair dryer, shoes, suit, and shirt that better not be wrinkled.

My roommate was already checked in, according to Sarah the Receptionist. I have not met my roomie previously, and I have not shared a hotel room with anyone but GM since my good ol' weekend festival working days. Quick introductions and hurried discussion clouded the room as we dressed, prepped, curled our hair, and buttoned our shirts.

"RING!!!!" shouted the phone.

It was staff from our university, alerting us of the time to meet in the lobby. Another group of people that I have never met before, so I was secretly hoping they were wearing our school colors and a huge sign saying "I love Gunston." I would have known exactly where to go.

I realized as I walk to the lobby with my new acquantance/roommate that I think I am shrinking. My pants did not look this long at the tailor. Then I realize that it might be because my roommate is approximately a foot taller than me. Perception.

We meet in the lobby. We get in the car. Two secondary education students and two elementary education students. We drive to the building for registration. I will call this building the Ballroom Building. We register next to a huge table of apples. Literally. Baskets of shiny red apples. Talk about assumptions.

We stand around chatting for a few minutes, and then we break up (my car-ride sharers and I) - going towards our own mentor groups (which is in another building). I am assigned a mentor for the weekend, and I would later find out that you spend MOST of the weekend with this group of 5 (+ 1 mentor). My group composition: Mentor, Black Turtleneck, Argyle Sweater, Dizzy Dress, and Blue Eyeliner, and of course me, Pants Too Long.

I wonder anxiously as we sit in awkward conversation: "Um, when do we eat?"

The congested day, long drive, quick run around to get ready, and excitement... it has all caught up to me and now my stomach is rumbling. Loudly.

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