Preparation for Intersession

Yesterday, Silly Corn and I went on an adventure. We started in a central location and spanned out to a dozen or so places, all in a span of about 8 hours. We were in search of paint, carpet, and fabric samples.

Things we learned:

1. Phrasing counts. Especially when asking for free stuff.

2. Dollar deals are not safe... especially when paired up.

3. That when they say "Is that all you're taking?" you shouldn't think twice in turning around and getting more. A LOT more.

4. How to make a bag FULL of fabric samples look feather light as you walk past the register on your way out.

5. Giggling while filling a bag with paint samples does NOT help to make you look more credible.

6. Splitting up does not stop the giggles. It just means you have to yell that much louder to find the other partner.

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