Mind Block

I have finished my first placement in my PDS program. Part of the process during internship is the creation of a 5 - 7 page reflective essay about this experience in relation to myself, as a developing teacher, demonstrating my "ability to reflect upon and analyze your development as a teacher."

Okay, great! I'm reflective. I am evolving through this program. I can write about this.

Except I can't. I've been staring at the same paragraph for hours.


I walk away from my computer, throw in some laundry, distract my mind for a few minutes...
only to come back to the same paragraph. There is a wall in my mind, and I can't break through.

I re-read previous philosophies and case study reports.

I walked my dog.

I started a new blank page -one without the paragraph - the paragraph I am hoping is my wall.

Nope. There it is again... the mind block.

My candle wick is a little low. I know I can pull it together and get it done, but I wonder how authentic, expressive, reflective it will be when I am having such a hard time creating it.

Meanwhile, I'm coming up with great alternatives to this anthology review (all of which would create the same mental block, I'm sure). Video anthologies, art work or reflective photography display, AH! Reflective blogs! Dr. G - what do you think?

I only hope that when the wall breaks, the flood will be overwhelming with reflective statements and great writing prompts.

Here it goes again...

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Tree said...

But do you think your multi-media reflection will be as emotive as this: