Chinese Excitement

One day, in the middle of the summer before I began 4th grade, I was riding my bike up and down the my street.

Hark! There is a girl on the steps of her house! "She must be new!" I exclaimed.

At that moment the new girl became my best friend.

For 5 years, we lived three doors apart.

She then moved to Bolivia, and didn't move back until I was senior in high school. Regardless, we kept in touch the entire time. She came back to "the States" once a year, during the summer. Just like old times, we'd spend long days swimming, sweating, and being silly in general.

Andrea and I have been friends for 20 years.

Andrea is now a fourth grade teacher at the International School of Beijing. During my semester
of interning in the fourth grade, we set up pen pals with her class in China.

Why the excitement?

Tomorrow - she is coming to visit the class. All the way from China! I can't wait to hear the questions, see the confused but excited faces, and learn the activity from a teacher that teaches on the other side of the world.


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