When in Rome...

No, I'm not in Rome. But I do live within a relative driving distance of the Nation's Capital. So, well, while I have grown up here, I have NEVER really explored DC. I have been to the Capitol Building once, when I was young... and had only ever been to a Smithsonian Museum in my early 20's (besides the Air & Space). So, my DC exploration was very limited.

I have never been inside of the White House. OR the Washington Monument, for that reason.

Well, on Friday I am going to use the last day of my vacation to go on a guided tour of the White House and the Capitol. I am psyched, and have spent a good portion of my day reading up on the history of both locations.

In all of my excitement, there is only one thing I keep thinking....

how starry-eyed my students would be if they were there.

The responsibilities of teaching includes sharing experiences that most of my students have not had or may never have in their lifetime. I can't wait to tell them all about this.

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