Vacation Brain

Most of my students are back in school this week for our intersession. I, on the other hand, learned my intersession lesson and instead chose to take the extra week off.

I have found, however, that more and more of my thoughts and conversations are starting to revolve around them. Breakfast conversation involved the trials and tribulations of some of my students, past and present.

I'm not going to lie. I miss them. And I promise to wait at least 2 weeks after going back to verbalize my countdown to our next break.


I have also been reading grown up books during our break. As in books that in no way will tie into my curriculum, books that do not tell me how to be a better teacher, or even books that I want my students to read. Bona fide grown-up books. In one of the books, Glass Castle, there is a section about how a girl shows up at her Grandma's house with a mess of hair and the Grandma simply puts a bowl on the top of her head and cuts anything hanging below the dish clearly off.

I have a connection. Well, truly, one of my students does.

I went back to read that section in the book about five times. The rest of the book shares other similarities with one of my student's family, sadly. The book is great, but it's unfortunate that I connect it with a student.