I was just thinking yesterday that I haven't had any instances in my days, lately, that have warranted the thought "I have to blog about that!" Until, of course, today. 

My fab coworker and I were reading with buddies when she overheard the following conversation:  (And for this story I am introducing a new character, er, student - BeatBox)

Glasses: says something not nice.

RainDancer: Glasses, that was not nice!

BeatBox: Wow, RainDancer, you stuck up for yourself! I'm glad you've gotten over your issues!

RainDancer:  I've been taking Anger Management.

I was sad that I missed it.  I didn't, however, miss it when Beatbox told me that Glasses "jacked his book" during reading workshop. 

That was right after Beatbox and Raindancer came back from taking a trip to the clinic - and Raindancer coming back with a note.  

The note read:  "Please allow RainDancer to take his shoe off to put ice on his toe." 

I am such a grinch that I would not allow ice to be put on this small appendage? I'm a pretty reasonable girl, and I was okay with the ice-through-the-sock concept - but it was when he was removing his sock to show off his funky toe that I drew the line.  That and the fact that the ice made its way from the sock, to the bare toe, to RainDancer's cheek, to the tabletop, and then back through the cycle over and over again.  I stopped him right before he wanted to use the flat ice pack as a bookmark (you're welcome, Tree).  

Hurray for Friday.

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