Truth in Poetry

One of the students I am working with wrote the following poem today.

There's a bully in town
he does not share when you
say is that yours he says none
of your biz! That why I
just enore (ignore) him every day.

There is also an illustration. Picture this:
A sun in the upper left hand corner with a strange expression on its face.
A school (labeled with our school's name) in the background; including a window in which you can see a stick figure student - and the dialogue bubble is screaming HELP!
The "bully" in the middle with a terribly mean expression.
What looks like animals in the background with a dialogue bubble that says "You are a nauthy (naughty) boy!"
And, to top it all off - a row of flowers around the bully - all wilted and saying (yes, another dialogue bubble) "You are making us die!"

Truth in words and in illustration.

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Blink said...

From the mouths of babes... more eloquence and truth than we could ever muster. Thanks for sharing.